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23 May, 2004
This is to inform you that xq-cpp has now been released as a file download. Please visit the release page to download it. Release Notes. Preliminary benchmarking results show that xqML files are atleast 2x as small as equivalent XML files and parsing speed is 4 times as slow as expat, with most of the time spent in looking up symbol translations. This can easily be improved in a performance optimized version. Compare this with other slow performers for a better idea.
16 January, 2004
New design and code of Xqueeze Reference Implementation in C++ is now in CVS. Check out xq-cpp module for the latest. Last working draft of the specifications is now a release, with some important changes. Expect a C++ release and benchmarking results soon.
19 September, 2003
A new Working Draft of the Xqueeze specification has been posted. Most important changes include:
  • Optional encoding without the knowledge of schema
  • Support for 8-bit and 16-bit character encoding streams
  • Improved encoding rules
Get it from the Documentation page.
18 August, 2003
Work on the Xqueeze project had been very low-key since April 2003 but starting September 2003, we're going to start development of a complete xqML parsing suite and get some benchmarking done to show that it works. We've also updated the specs to now allow generation and parsing of documents without the knowledge of schema, which should greatly help in scenarios where a lot of vocabulary mixing happens and different vocabularies are processed by different pieces of software.

Meanwhile, if you want to contribute to the project, do drop in a mail to tnhashmi AT sourceforge.net. In particular, we'd be interested in people who know Perl, Python, Ruby etc. and are comfortable with processing octet-streams in these languages.
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